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So there's this boy...and he kinda has my heart [entries|friends|calendar]

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<3 [Sun, February 20th, 2005 @ 10:13pm]
Friend's Only

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[Fri, February 4th, 2005 @ 3:40pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

wow im always tired now...i dont get it, durin the school year, i get like 6 or 7 hours of sleep, in the summer i get like 5, and i got more energy then i know what to do with...lol im weird like that.

yeah so school...umm..not fun lol. Went to school, talked to jenn bout the party and her situation with adam etc. Then of course, george comes...hes really startin to bother me but ill be nice. And then i went to Childhood where we had a guest speaker so the foods class from next door came over and Jenn and Kim were in there. So i got to sit and talk to them. Then right after that we had Gym, which i got with them and its always so much fun lol.my gym teacher said i have very kinky earrings ...that mad all of us laugh lmao....well...they areeee handcuffs lmao...okay shuttin up lol..
soo yeahh, gotta call my cousin and call claire if she dont call me...or something like that...lol.
yeah goin to the mall...shoppin for amandas gift...and then goin to amandas party..should be fun times lol.
update later maybe?...
<3 Nikki

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...Never trust anyone unless your positive they can be trusted... [Thu, February 3rd, 2005 @ 2:48pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

I guess people dont really understand just how busy i really am. Sorry i didnt call you claire, i was busy, like always...

ANyways yeah...today..i was pissed off. People are soooooo retarded man. Well, i go to lunch, and my friend lauras there and im like you goin to amandas bday party and shes like i dunno are you and im like yeah and she goes oh yeah thats right i remeber now and im like huh? i never told you if i was goin or not and shes like well amanda told me that you were goin....and im like WHAT...what was she sayin, and Lauras like she was just sayin how you got a bf now and your bringing him to the party and you bringin your cousin too and im like WTF...who the hell...how the hell? i never said i had a bf, cuz i dont got a bf so wtf is she talkin abouttt and Lauras like i dunno thats what she said and she was like amanda said I cant believe nicoles bringin a guy....okay..what is she tryin to imply..no guys would wanna go with me or something?.. okay i know i aint attractive, but she aint nothin to look at either so where does she get off sayin this?..it makes me feel horrible that Amanda, the girl that likes like 5 seconds from my house and is like practically my best friend went and said all that shit. I never told her i had a bf, all i asked was if i could bring steve with me since everyone else was bringin a date and because one the top of everyones invitation, but mine, she wrote bring a date. I seriously think she thinks im too ugly to get a guy to come to her party with me, or in that case, even like me at all....kinda makes me feel like shit...

yeah....there goes to show you who your real friends are...and it aint even like i can confront her either cuz Laura said she doesnt want me sayin anythin cuz amanda will lie and deny she said anythin like she always does. I dont get it... why can everyone else bring a date and not get a " i cant believe shes actually bringin someone"... retards... i mean is it really that hard to believe?!?!....people really surprise me...

yeah so school sucked pretty bad today but gym class was fun..lol jenn and kim always make me laugh.
So yeah...i think i know what im gonna buy amanda on Saturday when i go to the mall... i dunoo still whats happenin Saturday... im such a lucky person lol...well..i gotta go baby sitt...
<3 Nikki

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Sometimes things can be soo perfect...and then cruble in the next second [Wed, February 2nd, 2005 @ 2:51pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

...gettin a lil upset...

okay soooo...letsss see...yeah im a lil frsutrated/aggravated. Okay...so...i aint a fan of guys i dont like touchin me...anywhere either. SO why must he touch me... i dunno. He asked me whats wrong today and i was just like.....nothin and hes like yeah theres something now tell me and im like god i said nothin. I hate how he acts like hes my Father or Older brother tryin to boss me around and tell me what to do 24/7.Sorry but i already got a Father, dont need nor want another..i take his yellin at me enough. I mean i could see if we were bf and gf...but ewwww god..never happened....plus...i like someone anyways =)

so yeah..him touchin me bothers me cuz i dont like him.

Im also confused about whats goin on with me this weekend. Steve wants to go to the mall..so it was gonna be me him and my cousin..but now claire wants to go since were all goin to the same place after...well actually..that reminds me, i gotta see about that. Me, my cousin(britt), and CLaire are all gonna go to Amandas birthday party at her house down the street...and i wanted to take steve, but i dunno how that would work but claire says that he hasssss to come lol...so...i dunno...

Well..i dunno whats happenin...but then again..you know, i never do lol.
so im done babblin bout stuff nowwwwwww
<3 Nikki

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...Is it february vacation yettttt lol [Tue, February 1st, 2005 @ 7:42pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Okay well today was okay i guess...

Told George off...told him to go get a fuckin life because he was being so mean to me today...geez, i dont talk to him for a day and he spazzes, it aint like were bf and gf i mean ew that would neverrr happen. I could see if we were bf and gf and we werent talkin and he wanted to, but god, he needs to chill. I dont get it...why does he like ME for? i mean im mean...im not pretty at all...and most of all, im fat!(dont kill me britt)...i mean come on..theres nothin special bout me..maybe hes just desperate?...i dont like being fooled with...

Anyways, steve wanted to go to his dance with me..too bad i dont dress up, but, id go anywhere else with him..id be happy to go anywhere else with him...i had fun last time =)

Hmm...so...talked to britt on the phone..guess her phone hung up?...dunno..but joanne had a serious talk with me...i was scared lmao. i was like wow...
um..yeah...i guess im done...
<3 Nikki

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Another bad day to count with all the rest... [Mon, January 31st, 2005 @ 6:18pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

updatin time..

Okay so, last night, was up like all night doin my paper and homework...that sucked so bad. So i overslept but when i woke up i didnt feel good anyways. So i didnt go...AGAIN.But yeah, anyways, talked to josh today..like all day since he had a half day(lucky thing).So yeah...things aint to great there ..but anywaysss.. I wanna talk to britt...its weird..she usually can always talk to me, even tho shes my cousin, it feels more like shes my sister..and now she wont even talk to me...well she cant talk to me.=(. I hope shes okay....

So anyways...kinda upset with a few people but im not saying anyones name. Im pretty sure if i dont like you, you know about it. But yeah, just recently got upset with someone, but i aint talkin bout it on here.

Basically...today wasnt that great...but considerin yesterday was awesomee...i guess i was suppose to have a bad day...well, watch, im gonna have a couple of bad days cuz thats how my life goes...its wonderful aint it.

sooooo yeah...basically my day wasnt good. TO sum it all up, i didnt feel good, im tired, SOMEONE is gettin me mad, my cousin wont talk to me cuz she says she cant talk to me =(
I hope things go back to being good and fun again...

thats all i guess...

<3 Nikki

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[Sun, January 30th, 2005 @ 8:11pm]
[ mood | happy ]

lets see, the weekend at first was boring. Friday i didnt do anything, actually went to bed earlyyy. Saturday i talked to claire, alot, and i did my research paper, then claire called me back on like 3 way, me her jamie and the 2 steves were all talkin..good times lol.
then today
my god....did i have fun...
well, i woke up at like 9, and started writtin my paper when claire calls me at 11:15 and shes like Nikki im comin to your house at 12 were leavin at 12 alright and im like woah wait huh? you said 1 and she goes noo thats when were meetin Steve w and Jamies steve at the mall im like omfg you kiddin me. so i start gettin ready and claire gets jamie on 3 way. SO then i get ready, fast, and claire comes and gets me. we go to the mall, and get somethin to eat. Then both steves come. My god...i thought Steve w was hot before...oh no..hes gorgeous in person. So yeah.. i had so much fun today with them. Went and saw Hide and seek...it wasnt the greatest movie i ever saw...but i got to sit next to steve so it was all good =) lol. then we went around to stores and what not. Im pretty sure everyone in the group(except for steve and joey) asked me what i thought about Steve even tho everyone there includin steve knew i liked him.So yeah, then we start to go home..we get walked to the car..i got a hug woo go me lol and then we get in the car. Then, uh, i guess they opened the emergency exit? and they ran into claires car lol and claire brought them to like the 3 or 2 floor and they got out and stuff and left..then claire brought me home...and now im here.....wishin it never ended lol...oh well right?

hopefully it happens again...soon...
<3 Nikki

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[Fri, January 28th, 2005 @ 4:20pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

startin to have thoughts about makin this friends only... theres no point for it to be open to the public..its not ones business what i do and dont do lol. But anyways...im just thinkin about it...

Yup soooo today was interestingly boring lmao. Nothin really happened. Monday i got my research paper due...5-7 pages..good god. But ummm Sunday..i think? im suppose to go with Claire and Jamie and steve and steve and other people? i dunno whos goin but yeah im suppose to be goin...but we are suppose to get snow...AGAIN.OH WELL..so ummmmmmmmmmmm yeah i dont wanna say anythin else..too lazt to anyways...update later?

<3 nikki

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Today was interestin........ [Thu, January 27th, 2005 @ 10:08pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Another great episode of the O.C<3

yup so today was pretty interesting. Went to school, stopped by the second floor where this was a shit load of people. Lets see, there was Jen, angie, mike, joey, rodney, George, a bunch of lil freshman in which one kept touchin me(George says hes gonna yell at him HAHAHAHA), Ashlee, some other fat chick(i forgot her name) and alotta other people i didnt know. So i go over there, and i go over to george and im like whats up and we talk and stuff and then he walks me to homeroom. So im standing out there and im like you know your so mean to me lol and hes like no im notttt and im like yes you definitly are. So he goes how am i mean to you? and i said you always make fun of me and you always hit me and hes like im just jokinnn and im like oh yeah you said my jacket was a towel and he goes no i didnt and i said YES YOU DID and he goes no i said a pillow and i said shut up you know you love my jacket and he goes its not the jacket i love COUGH and im like excuse me?!? and hes like what? and im like wtf did you just say?? and he goes nothin and i said it didnt sound liek nothin now tell me cuz i heard you and he goes really what did i say? so i told him and im like what did you mean by that and hes like what do you mean what did i mean by that? and im like okay, george, stop talkin around it, stop being such a complicated guy and tell me what you meant and hes like i just mean thatt....well...i dont love your jacket.....i love the person inside the jacket...and im like................... and then the bell rang so i was like ill talk to you later and i ran into hr. SO then, after Chemistry, he ran up to me when i was with amanda kim and Tim and George is like hey nicole you think uhhhh...you know..i can get your number and im like okay and i gave it to him and amanda was like ohhhhh nicoleee ohhhh and im like what??? and shes like hmm and looked at him then at me and im like oh god noo me and george are just friendssss and shes like yeaaahhh riiiiiiight and im like okay Whatever. So today..George calls me...and im like wtf you doin i thought you had work and hes like i do im workin now and im like huh why you talkin to me then he goes i dont gotta work till 4 i only came to get my schedule im like okayy so we talkin and hes like what dont you like about me? and im like i dont like your facial hair, and i dont like how you always hit me with things and how your always crackin up on me and i was like you remeber last year, when you always stuck up for me whenever Darren made fun of me..you were always nice to me..what happened to that george? and hes like okay, i promise, ill go back to the way i was before, and ill think bout shavin okay? and im like uh..okay do whatever you want lol and hes like dont worry youll see a change and im like okay and then hes like okay i gotta go ill call you back tonight and im like uh no and hes like why not and im like because someone else is suppose to sorry and hes like well then go on 2nd floor tomorrow and im like no why and hes like just gooo and im like no why should i why do you want me there so bad for and hes like because..then i get to see you and im like....uh....okay then ill go on 2nd floor if you really want me to then. So yeah,,painnn, and then Jen called me and said i better go on 2nd floor lmao yeah..i think just because of those people beggin me to go there i wont now lmao.Oh welllllllllllll

well, thats about it...

<3 Nikki

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Same old story, boy meets girl, and she falls much harder then him..... [Wed, January 26th, 2005 @ 2:06pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Today..was absolutely, pointless lol

Lets see, woke up, got ready and all that stuff, and then i woke my mom up to take me to school and i was like im gonna get an early dismissal today so pick me up and shes like no your not how do you know and im like because i dooo lol. So, go to school, and the principal comes on and says that we will have an early dismissal, 1215. So all the kids start goin crazy cuz we were gettin out early, and the teachers didnt even bother teachin at all, it was so pointless today lol.
....i knew we were gonna get out early =P

yup soo, came home..sat around...freezin..now, i gotta do homework i got from spanish class, the only real class i had today.
thats it
or is it?
dun dun dunnn
nah j/p thats it lol
im out now
<3 nikki

PS>...Britt, i think its time i get a new layout LMAO..i got everything, i just need you to put it on for me since i got no idea how, and plus i wanna know what YOu think since i care what you think. It aint no rush to do it..im just sick of my layout lol. TTYL and I LOVE YOU! ROFL, you made ma laugh so much last night. miss youu, lylas.

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My birthday....really?? [Tue, January 25th, 2005 @ 3:36pm]
[ mood | sad ]

So its updatin time....yeah so today had to suck so bad..and it aint over yet.

Lets see, woke up to go to school, got dressed, did all that good stuff you know, and then i woke up my mom to take me and i told her to call the school to make sure i got school. So she did and they didnt answer. So my mom was like you probably got delay and im like no id know wouldnt i and shes like no you never know..so we waited a lil...called back again. Still no answer, just the recording. So my mom was like WTF. and then my sister came, by this time it was 730...school starts at 728, but no big deal you now, and my sister was like they get there now, theyll answer, so my mom called...no answer. So they were like you prob dont got school now..so then my mom called my neices school at like 755 and theyre like yup, theres school. and my moms like really!?! and shes like yes. So my moms like omg wtf nicole and im like IT AINT MY FAULT.so i didnt go to school today which i was kinda pissed about.

On the other hand...its my birthday..woo..cough gag nott. It feels like just another day. I got 2 happy birthdays from my friends...only 2.Jen and Sam. My mom didnt say it, neither my dad, none of my family, BUT THATS OKAY....it dont matter to me...im fine with it. Yould thinkkk Amanda would call me to say it since i said it to her..NOPE. oh well..she aint a good friend then whatever. Lately shes been actin weird towards me anyways...it cant be cuz im hangin with jen and kim lately because she hangs with them too...maybe its jealousy that i hang with them more? i dont know, whatever it is...it needs to be disregarded, weve been friends since kindergarten, i mean come on now it aint like just cuz i talk to other people means we aint gonna be friends. Its ridiculous.

Anyways, um..nothin left to say...
~one of the worst birthdays ive had yet......=/

<3 Nikki

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School or no school, that is the question my friends [Mon, January 24th, 2005 @ 9:27pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

So there was no school today. It was so relaxin and great..most the time anyways lol.
So yeah, tomorrows my birthday...big whoop..17 years old..wow im an old fart lol. OH WELL

yeah so um...i dunno if i got school or not tomorrow..anyone wanna help me out?...well..no one really knows anyways...

just gonna go now..

<3 Nikki

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~...He calls you his baby gurl cuz theres nothin better in this world...~ [Sun, January 23rd, 2005 @ 11:46am]
[ mood | curious ]

so supposidly the gov asked all schools and some businesses to close. SO school is supposidly closed? everyone sayin so but i aint seein it so ill believe it when i see it.

You Are 21 Years Old


Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

21 is a goos age, can drink, go clubbin whenever lol..good age to be right? lol yeahh im happy with those results even tho i do not act 21 trust me lol.

okay so im gonna go now

<3 Nikki
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ITS SNOWING ITS SNOWING ...WTF [Sat, January 22nd, 2005 @ 3:34pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

snow snow snow snow snow snow snow....when will it end nobody knows....

Well...were suppose to get a shit load of snow...just great. Finally had something goin but now it aint happenin. Guess the "blind date" thingy will have to go one for another day perhaps? i dont know i never know anything.oh well.

Soo yeah anyways...

Looks like i aint gonna be able to do nothin, cant go out, im gonna be sittin in lookin at that crudy snow fallin. I like the look of snow, but i dont like how its cold and wet and causes so much problems. CRUDY SNOW! lol

Yeah so looks like horror movie day on AMC...omen(gay), and then a bunch of halloweens<~ those are so funny lmao.
Anyways so yeah, im done

<3 Nikki

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Look into my eyes...and the whole world stops.... [Fri, January 21st, 2005 @ 9:22am]
[ mood | bored ]

hmm sittin inside the computer lab..bored outta my mind. Finished my exam..it didnt even take me 40 minutes man. Is something wrong there? lol ask me if i care because i dont. Well, at 1039, ill be goin to study hall and then from there, at 12 i gotta go to English for that midterm. I gotta rewrite the ending to one of the stories we read this year. Yeah that SHOULD be easy considering i can make up a story within seconds, whether its good or bad i can make up a story. Im not worryin about that midterm. To tell you the truth, i havent worried about a single one..but im worryin bout my Chemistry one which is on monday. i HAVE to do good on that thing or i wont pass this quarter. Im nervous. I gotta study a lotttt this weekend. So yeah anyways, alotta drama is goin on. Dont you hate when your friends fight with someone and your friend wants you to hate the person they hate. Pretty ridiculous huh? well it dont matter to me, cuz i hated the chick before my friend even started this whole situation with her. The girl is a lil slut and i hate her. This is what happened. My friend liked this kid, and she told her best friend that she liked him, so her best friend started flirtin with him and hangin all over him, and my friend confronted her about it. She was like you know i like him and i wanna go out with him and you knowhe has the same feelings so why you gonna go and do that to me for? and her best friend promised her she wouldnt talk to him or flirt with him or anything anymore because she doesnt want to jeopardize their friendship. Well...guess what that was a bunch of bull cuz she went and asked the kid out that my friend liked and he said yes, and he only said yes because he thought my friend didnt wanna go out with him anymore and because my friend is friends with his ex girlfriend and her ex girlfriend is a crazy bitch who still aint over him yet, so they didnt wanna hurt anyone. SO now my friend HATES her "best friend" and its this huge blown up thing. I feel so bad for her. Shes like im done with the both of them i dont wanna deal with either one of them this is bullshit and i totally agree with her. IF my best friend liked some guy, i wouldnt go ask him out!its so stupid. retards these days.
yep, sooo...anyways...
um, i got nothing..im so bored i dunno wtf to do right now. its 934 and i got another hour doing nothing in here! just my luck. well im done typin and babblin bout retarded stuff.
<3 Nikki

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[Thu, January 20th, 2005 @ 6:41am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

so, school aint canceled, whats the good of snow if school aint canceled.

Made up my mind that i dont wanna go on the blind date anymore...theres a reason why i dont wanna go... but im not explaining it in here. Lets just say, forget it....

Anyways yeah i gotta go get ready for school, got my spanish exam and i gotta sit in study hall for 2 flippin hours! oh well, ill figure out somethin...

maybe ill update later?

<3 Nikki

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so..today was actually okay..... [Tue, January 18th, 2005 @ 4:01pm]
[ mood | okay ]

midterms suck, they start tomorrow X_X

anyways..today was..interesting? I SAW CLAIRE AT LUNCH! lol, that was interestinggg as always lol. So yeah, today was an okay day i guess. Nothing really happened. i bought a year book...i got no idea why lol. My mom wanted it, and i know exactly why but im not saying it lol. ANYWAYS so,yeah, i dunno what to say, i asked kim if she was gonna go if we decide to do this whole blind date thing and kim wanted to know the day and time since she works... and i had no idea lmao, smart huh.oh well, i never know anything, im never told anything lol.

my birthdays next week..tuesday..Januray 25...am i happy..not really lol. Just another year older lol. My birthday is just another day to me =(

Yeah well im gonna go now

my precious

Kitty Quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

<3 Nikki

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[Mon, January 17th, 2005 @ 11:57am]
[ mood | busy ]

GOnna be busy today, gotta do the math midterm review so i get ot have 50 pts, which will take me just about all day lol, but i did alot this weekend so i aint too bummed about sittin down all day.

You scored as Loner.








Ghetto gangsta




Drama nerd






What's Your High School Stereotype?
created with QuizFarm.com

Yeah...that quiz is right. I am a loner lol cuz thats what i wanna be. I dont like being with people cuz you never know now a days whos gonna stab you in the back. Anyways yup, im a loner, if you dont like it..to bad for you.

yeah so im gonna go now

<3 Nikki
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why do things always have to be confusing in my life? [Sun, January 16th, 2005 @ 9:00pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Weekend was okay i guess, happy i have tomorrow off, i kinda need it badly.
this upcomin week looks pretty busy for me, first off this week is Midterms..urg...that alone is enough on me, but then, im suppose to meet jamie and steves friend Steve, i talked to him online a couple times, he seems cool from what i got so far, im suppose to go on this blind date..not sure if i wanna cuz yeah i dunno alotta reasons, but then again i really want meet him. >Jamie Kim says that she might wanna go if thats okay with you, she told me sheld wanna go but i told her i dont know since this whole thing was totally your idea, but i think kim comin would be cool..but thats your decision lol. Anywayss, yeah i feel like such a dork, i almost..ALMOST cried at a movie, WTF?!?! that so is NOT me, ive never cried during a movie, i mean, i didnt even cry at a funeral or wake, for my own family members...i dont know im a dork lol. ANyways yeah, i dunno whats wrong with me lately, im really tired, acting weird, sick...weird things goin on with me, perhaps somethings wrong? who knows, i sure dont.

So yeahhh, my mom thinks im suffering from an eating disorder..i know wtfff? crazyyy i knowww. I mean i eat like a heffer, and im really not the skinniest thing in the world. BUt since ive been sick or something since december 5, she thinks i am. Ive been throwin up since December 5, but not everyday, more like once a week, and it definitly is not because i want to. So yeah my sister was talkin to me about it and my moms like YEAH ITS CUZ SHE HAS AN EATING DISORDER...yeah right bitch bite me, i dont have no eating disorder, i eat food, for god sakes i love food lol. She dont know her ass from her elbow...oh well

So yeahh, i gotta do my math midterm review which is 50 pts on ou r lowest test or quiz. WOO to THAT.i dunno how badly i need that, i dont really wanna know how badly i need that lol.oh well, math aint my subject, never was, never will be, thats just how it is, and i really cant do anything about it. ive worked my ass off, all the time, just for a good grade, and i still aint doing that well, but then again, i was absent alot due to this illness or whatever the hell it is thats wrong with me. Oh well nothin i can say or do bout that.

Yeah well im gonna go now, im kinda busy...ttyl

<3 Nikki

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tired of life, tired of the lies, tired of...you [Fri, January 14th, 2005 @ 3:46pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

this week may have just been the worst one EVER....lets see everything that happened to PISS ME OFF

--Monday>Chemistry project was due...and i struggled to get it done for what? she didnt even check it till later
--HAd the most homework...still got a shitload for this wekkend..JOYYY
--THursday> Algebra 2 project due
--Algebra 2 project took me foreverrrr to do, and i have a feeling i got a bad
--Some fat fuckin heffer chick said all i do is talk in circles, and i need to shut the fuck up..shes lucky i didnt beat her ass down right there, shes LUCKY jenn was there to stop me cuz i swear to god she would have been bald.
--I was stopped while goi after her, which pissed me off
--Friday/today> English note cards/bib cards/outline/revised thesis was due..i
did good, but then we got out midterm essay question, yeah, i got no fuckin
clue how the fuck we do it
--Jenns been torturing my poor soul lol, but i know she does it all for fun..
--Jenn wrote nicole loves *****

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<without [...] stars..with>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

this week may have just been the worst one EVER....lets see everything that happened to PISS ME OFF

--Monday>Chemistry project was due...and i struggled to get it done for what? she didnt even check it till later
--HAd the most homework...still got a shitload for this wekkend..JOYYY
--THursday> Algebra 2 project due
--Algebra 2 project took me foreverrrr to do, and i have a feeling i got a bad
--Some fat fuckin heffer chick said all i do is talk in circles, and i need to shut the fuck up..shes lucky i didnt beat her ass down right there, shes LUCKY jenn was there to stop me cuz i swear to god she would have been bald.
--I was stopped while goi after her, which pissed me off
--Friday/today> English note cards/bib cards/outline/revised thesis was due..i
did good, but then we got out midterm essay question, yeah, i got no fuckin
clue how the fuck we do it
--Jenns been torturing my poor soul lol, but i know she does it all for fun..
--Jenn wrote nicole loves *****<without those stars..with the actual name> and
and that pissed me off
--jenn told me and kim to meet her at the vendin machines...she wasnt there she
lied so id go to them damn machines cuz ***** was at those damn machines
lol shes a damn bitch..but..shes hilarious
--B/c i was so caugh up on those damn english cards cuz i was so determined
to do good and get a good grade, i missed my favorite show, the OC...and
I never, ever, everrrrrr miss that fuckin show, and that just frosted my
damn cookies...
--Midterms are stressin me the fuck out, every other year i seriously didnt
care but this year, for some odd, twisted and dimented reason i care
this year, and its weirdddd
--Mom and dad are

Yeah well, too much shit has been happening to me lately thats just so wrong..and im tired of it. I still wanna beat that bitch down for saying that cuz i wasnt even talking to her. I would have beat the shit outta that bitch,even if she is 500000000000X my size, i dont give a fuck. Im tired of people, ive always said i hate people, and i fucking do. Cant stand them. Everyone is always so damn rude, i dont talk to people, i stay to myself, and people think im weird for that, well i stay to myself for a reason, because i wanna avoid people like them.i only let a selected few in. There may be a couple of people i like, and im starting to see that people i use to like, and use to think was cool, really arent and they are fake lil fuckers. well, im gonna stop bitchin now, and just go

I <3 the Killers
I<3 *****
I <3 Something corporate
I <3 Britt lol=)(shes my family, like my sister so fuck off)
I <3 josh( AS A BROTHER lol)
I <3 Jenn and kim =)(like sisters)
I <3 Green day
I <3 alotta other bands
OH AND I <3 MY DOGGGG< MMM squeeze his sexyness lol)

<3 Nikki
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